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Performance is one of the most important aspects of a serious webstore. A faster webshop is experienced as more pleasant and without a delay after each click the average order value is higher and less users leave before finalizing their order. Meaning more conversions and higher conversion value.


Magespeed: part of “Interactivated eCommerce”

Interactivated Ecommerce has been specializing in the development of high quality Magento webstores and modules that are faster than those of the competitors. Reflected in our motto “High performance, Fast service”. 

Now we are coming with a separate label for the performance product grown out of this, "MageSpeed". The high performance server stack developed for Magento®, giving your Magento® webstores the highest performance in the world.

See for example, one of our recent cases. Currently we're setting up shops in Australia, America and multiple locations in Europe for perfect performance in every locations, because the distance between host and user is also an aspect to look at when the performance is so fast you're talking about milliseconds.



peperzaden performance

A combination of the very best technologies

Our performance stack is a combination of hand picked and optimized technologies for Magento®

The stack exists of:

  • Amazon AWS cloud hosting
  • Nginx http server (reverse proxy)
  • PHP7
  • Pagespeed extension for Nginx
  • Hiphop Virtual Machine (HHVM)
  • Varnish Cache
  • MageSpeed Varnish connector
  • HTTP/2
  • Free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt
  • Our own “secret ingredients” 
  • Separate database, webserver and file server. (For multiserver setups)
  • Automatic scaling with extra PHP-FPM instances / Elastic load balancing (For multiserver setups)

All these components are optimized for use with Magento® and configured to work perfectly together. With the adition "Pagespeed for Nginx" server response times are also optimized for html, javascript, css and images.

All this together gives an unbelievable performance where web stores can achieve load times that can be under 30 MS per page.

Responsive magento


Carefree and easy:

Everything will be taken care of. You'll only need to create an AWS account and we'll do the rest. We'll setup the right instance in your AWS account and setup our performance stack. We'll move your webstore to this location and configure the finetuning. After this we'll test everything completely and resolve any issues. Once the customer also tests everything and approves, we'll do a last move of the database and your site can go live without any downtime.


Surprisingly inexpensive:

A high performance stack high performance stack in an investment that will pay for itself soon enough. It might be cheaper to get a simple VPS server or some other cheap solution, but the traffic generated by the higher value in search engines and benefit to usability causing more and higher conversions will pay for itself.


Responsive magento

A faster webstore means more yield!

Walmart did some research and came with the following numbers:

Performance setup
Performance setup
Performance setup

Visit Magespeed website - Part of Interactivated Ecommerce 

Test the Magento® webstores below to be convinced.

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