Interactivated is official partner and core contributor for and already was involved in 5 of the first 10 VSF stores that are live today! is the absolute leading technology for the development of "Progressive Web Apps" (PWA) for e-commerce. And the 4th most popular project in Github in 2020!

PWA for eCommerce

With a PWA you get a cutting edge webshop that outperforms any other existing technology on the market today, it comes with a cross-platform mobile app without developing one, works when offline or on poor mobile network, supports push messages, the list of benefits goes on and on. A PWA converts better and keeps visitors browsing longer and coming back more often. A PWA installs to your app screen without a download procedure.

Node Js

Here at Interactivated, we have been active with the most popular Javascript frameworks for several years, such as React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. And we work with all of the PWA frameworks for e-commerce out there, such as Vuestorefront, PWAstudio, Angular storefront, and others. Therefore we can give an unbiased recommendation on the best solution for your project.

PWA Magento is at this time the most matured PWA solution with the biggest community, fastest growth and the highest number of add-ons available, developing a PWA store with is, therefore, the quickest way to achieve your goals at this moment and makes it our favorite PWA tech-stack right now i.c.w. Magento2.

Leading European PWA development team

Dmitry Schegolihin

Senior React, Vue, Nuxt, Magento developer, Vuestorefront Veteran

Dmitriy Subbotin

Senior Vue, Nuxt, Quasar, Magento developer

Alexey Shchur

Senior React, Angular, Vue, Typescript developer

Denis Derbenyov

Senior Magento, Shopify, PHP and JS frameworks

Roy van Eijsselsteijn

PWA Evangelist, CEO,
Magento Solutions Specialist

Polina Kostina

Senior Project Manager on PWA projects

Anton Konevskyi

Senior QA agent and Business Analyst on PWA projects

Vitalii Rozhkov

Vue, Nuxt

Oleh Beliaiev

Laravel, Vue

Bogdan Baikov

Senior QA

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